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 KATO, Japanese Denim

KATO, Japanese Denim


Japanese selvage denim is like the holy grail of the jean world. It's made on shuttle looms from high-grade cotton and, while the wearing-in process takes real dedication (at first they feel like a suit of armor), they look great after you've lived in them for a while. What's so interesting about the whole cottage industry is that, while the blue jean was born in the U.S., it's Japan’s obsession with Americana, especially heritage workwear, and hand-worked techniques that make the country king of the most sought-after selvage jeans. Curators of denim in the states go nuts for the stuff in a way that puts their own local options to shame.

Designed and made in the USA, the KATO' brand is as distinctive as your own style personality. It’s that perfect pair of worn-in jeans that have become a part of you. The jeans and shirt that you wear all the time because it looks and feels like you do. Very intentionally, KATO' garments evolve with you as you wear them and become distinctively yours.
KATO’ garments seek out the harmony and textile traditions from past history to provide unique garments that combine comfort, durability, and style – pieces that can be appreciated globally regardless of age or culture. Because of this versatility, timelessness and ease, KATO’ is as much about uptown as downtown, coastal or rural. Utilizing special fabrics, unique processes and meticulous attention to detail, KATO’ garments are truly worthy of being highly regarded as “Artisan Clothing”.
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