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The Sounds of Franklin Road

Franklin Road Apparel embodies the essence of what makes "Music City" a place like no other. The harmonies floating out our front doors draws in a community of our shared love, music.

We are inspired by our local musicians and we are honored to be a part of their journey. Franklin Road Apparel collaborates with local Nashville based musicians to bring our guests an authentic Nashville  shopping experience. 

We are proud to partner with Sugar & Steel, who will be performing at Franklin Road Apparel on Friday, May 3 between the hours of 6p-9p. You can learn more about Sugar & Steel below.






There is beauty in falling in love. There is beauty in a story. There is beauty in music. When Sugar & Steel, some of country music’s newly discovered voices, put these things together, their debut album ‘Land Here' was the result.


Comprised of Spencer & Sidnye Askew, Sugar & Steel took three years of writing their story and narrowed it to the collection of songs on the record that hit #13 on the iTunes country charts. When some would see their meet-cute as impossible, they see it as a testament to true love being real and attainable.

They met at an open mic night during college. Spencer was on the stage and Sidnye walked in to take a seat in the audience.  As Spencer began to play ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman (Sidnye’s favorite song…what are the odds?), something in the air changed. Their eyes met. The room stood still. When he finished playing, he made his way down to a friend she was sitting by. One conversation led to another, and a love story began. The rest is history.

Spencer and Sidnye moved to Nashville, got married, and decided to bring their common passion of music together to form Sugar & Steel. Spencer grew up in Mississippi, and he was surrounded by the soul and swamp of the delta blues. Sidnye grew up in North Carolina, and her roots were planted in pop and country sound. When the two joined their styles together, the chemistry and harmonies were undeniable. They have the distinctive ability to create a mix of flirty yet edgy tunes that are relatable and commercial, while still being genuine to who they are as people and artists.

They crafted these tunes to tell the story of their relationship. Not perfect, no relationship is, but it can be adventurous, a place to land, and a safe haven. “One of a Kind” and “Getaway Car” capture the adventure of young love, while “If I Was the Rain” embodies the simplicity and joy that a rainy day is to a busy couple. A real song about the struggle of finding your place in the world, yet having the comfort of someone you love is “Land Here.”

Sugar & Steel released the album “Land Here” in 2018 following the release of their single “If I Was the Rain” and late 2017 release of album title track "Land Here." 

They have a busy year ahead with a fresh lineup of shows and new music releases.

Catch Sugar & Steel live at Franklin Road Apparel on May 3rd between the hours of 6-9pm.